UCA Coaches Program

In addition to the classes for cheerleaders, we will be offering classes for advisors and coaches. The UCA 5 Star Coaches Program covers Teambuilding, Leadership Development, Programming, Coaching and Public Relations.

Upon completion of the UCA coaches program or completion of camp meetings, coaches will receive our coaching liability insurance (pending eligibility). See below.


Terms and Conditions


  • $1,000,000 per occurrence · Excess to any other coverage available to insured person HOW TO OBTAIN COVERAGE · $1 million dollar secondary liability insurance is available for coaches and advisors who are employed full-time by a school or school district, are at least 21 years of age, and are the coach or advisor for the school’s cheerleader or dance squads(s). Coverage of credentialed members remains in force through August 31, 2010 subject to the terms and conditions of the master policy renewal.


  • Coaches must be employed full time by a school or school district to function as the coach/advisor for the school’s cheerleading squads(s).
  • Coaches must be at least 21 years of age


  • Includes those sums which an insured person becomes legally obligated to pay because of action brought against an insured person for “bodily injury” or “property damage” by a participant for or participating in any school sponsored cheerleading activity.
  • AACCA is placing this coverage through an insurance agent licensed by the Tennessee Department of Insurance. Neither AACCA, nor UCA, nor Varsity Spirit Corporation is acting as insurers of this coverage.
  • Coverage remains in force until August 31, 2010, and the master policy is renewed by AACCA.


  • Ownership, maintenance, or use of any type of automobile, bus, water craft or aircraft
  • Property in the care, custody, or control of insured person · Suits brought outside the United States
  • Coercion, demotion, evaluation, reassignment, discipline, defamation, harassment, humiliation, discrimination, or other employment-related practices, acts, or omissions
  • Claims arising from any employees of an insured person
  • Abuse or molestation

This is a summary of coverage andexact terms and conditions will be determined by the insurance policy