Greetings to all Cheerleading Coordinators and Coaches!

This year’s tournament will again be held at the Reggie Lewis Track and Field Center, the number 1 indoor track arena in the United States. Cheerleaders can be dropped off right at the entrance, and ample parking is available between 100 and 500 yards away, with signs to direct you and security personnel on hand to assist you and your fans.

Arrival/check-in, warm-up and competition times will be assigned during the week prior to the competition and will be available for viewing on our website by Friday, November 6th at (ayosinoffcheerdancecamps.com). An example of how the scheduling grid looks is currently available online.

  • As your team arrives to check-in, there will be two locker rooms available to them, as well as two separate bathrooms. Please arrive on time, teams who are delayed in their arrival may be placed at the end of their division.
  • The practice gym is divided into two sections. Side 1 is where squads report for their assigned Stretch times, Side 2 is for the safety judges to work with teams during their assigned Warm-up times. No teams will be permitted on Side 2 until their assigned Warm-up time. Squads are welcome to arrive and begin their warm-ups and stretching on Side 1 whenever they choose but MUST check in with the staff there at their assigned Stretch time. There will be small sound systems available for your use in the back gym if you’d like to play your music during your assigned Warm-up time on Side 2.
  • Once a team has completed their Stretching and Warm-up (Safety checks) on the Stunt mat, they will be escorted to the competition area where they will be seated in lines by their competition mat. After they have performed they will move to the other side of their mat to view the rest of the competition. We have two panels of judges to minimize downtime for the cheerleaders and fans. The mats are set back-to-back (though separated by a number of yards) and each mat has its own panel of judges seated with their backs to the crowd. This set-up allows fans to be in front of their teams as they perform. Signs will be posted (visible upon entering the facility) indicating which divisions will be facing which sides, so fans can select where to sit. If your team is assigned to compete on the ‘West’ mat, instruct your fans to turn left upon entering the field house, the ‘East’ mat will be to the right.
  • We realize that things may change for your team in the weeks between your registration for the tournament and the big day. Two weeks prior to the competition, we will be emailing each team to confirm the age group they have registered in, an email address to send their oral critique to, an update on the number of cheerleaders competing, and a final declaration of their level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond). Based on this up-to-date information (response required by Monday, November 4th) we will set the schedule. Once the final grid has been released, NO changes will be allowed unless WE have inadvertently listed your team in the wrong place.

You must check the web site (ayosinoffcheerdancecamps.com) on Friday, November 6th for the finalized schedule or call 617-877-8049 to confirm your check-in and competition times.

To decide which division to enter, a coach should look at what grades the majority of cheerleaders on their roster are in. If, for example, the majority of them are in 3rd or 4th grade, they would enter the Mites division. If the majority of them are in 7th, 8th or 9th grade they would enter the Midget (JH) division. If it’s evenly split between, say, 4th and 5th graders, the coach can decide which division to enter based on the amount of experience her team has. If most of them are new this year, it might be best to enter them as Mites, while if many are returners they could go into the Pee Wee division.

Our 6U division, called “Tiny Mites” is intended for teams comprised of pre-school, kindergarten and first graders.  This division is exhibition-only, teams will not be scored or critiqued, but will have their performance recognized with a participation trophy.  There will be no registration fees for teams in this division if older teams from the same town are also registering.  If a Mitey Mite (8U) team would like to perform in this division rather than entering the competitive “2nd grade and under” choice, they are welcome to do so as well.

We’re keeping the 18U division for teams comprised of cheerleaders who are 18 or younger as of July 30th, 2019.  Why should the little kids have all the fun?

Maximum overall time limit for cheer routines remains 3 minutes, with the length of the music portion limited to 2 and one-half minutes. The scoresheet is available on the website. The top category reflects points awarded to both traditional cheer/music and all-music routines – go with your team’s strengths!

Please closely examine the guidelines on the website for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels to be sure your team is entered in the correct division for the skills you have in their routine this year. The specific restrictions can be found in the “Cheer Division’s Level Restrictions” form. Please call Lisa Moskow at 413-531-2095 with questions if you are unsure about what level your routine fits into!

The primary goal of this tournament is to offer teams an opportunity to show off their routines and be recognized for the hard work they have put into preparing them. Squads from many different organizations attend, and they all have different rules and requirements. We strive to create broad enough categories to reduce the need for teams to make drastic changes to their choreography while still offering a somewhat level playing field. We make adjustments each year based on feedback from the coaches who’ve attended, and will welcome yours after the event!

Please contact me if you should have any questions and/or need additional information and I look forward to seeing you at the Reggie Lewis Track & Field Center on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Andrew Yosinoff, Competition Director