Saturday, November 6th, 2021

To our Cheer and Dance family:

Every fall for the past 32 years we have hosted a competition for young athletes to gather and showcase their skills, giving them the opportunity to step off the sidelines and into the spotlight. 2020 upended this tradition, but we are looking to the future! With the hope that Massachusetts will have entered phase 4 by this fall, we have reserved the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center on Saturday, November 6th, 2021 for the New England Cheer and Dance Championship. This annual ritual has been a fun an exciting tradition for so many area programs, we can’t wait to resume and see everyone again.

Best wishes to all and stay safe as we enter the new year!

Dear Coaches and Coordinators,

The NECDC has a 30 plus year history of bringing together cheer and dance teams from all over New England and across many different leagues to share in their joy of competition. We have always prided ourselves in conducting a fun, safe, and reasonably-priced event for our participants and spectators. So, it is with much sadness that we regret to inform you of our decision not to host this years’ tournament.

The sanitizing and social distancing guidelines in place due to COVID would make it impossible to provide our participants and spectators with a comparable experience. While we will miss seeing our beloved teams enjoy the camaraderie of the warm-up area and the super-charged excitement of the field house, we feel that this decision is in the best interest and safety of our athletes, coaches, their families, and our staff.

We look forward to next year, November 6, 2021, for the 34th annual New England Cheer and Dance Competition. We can’t wait to see you then!


Andy Yosinoff and the NECDC Staff

Coaches must go to our website on Friday, November 6th to confirm exact Registration, Stretching, Spacing, or Stunt time slots and Competition time.

Web Address: On the Forms page, follow the link entitled: “2020 Cheer and Dance Grid Schedule”

Please do not forget!!